What We’ve Learnt This Year 2020

This has been one of the most unusual years in history, certainly in our lifetimes and we suspect in yours.

As it comes to an end I’m sure all of us are looking back and contemplating its strangeness. The things we have lost, the things we have saved, things we have gone without, and things we have learned.

We feel extremely lucky to be fit and well and not to have lost anyone close to us. We realise that this isn’t the same for everyone, and our hearts go out to those who have.

The things we have lost or missed are far less important, but they have still made our year different. In between keeping your wheelie bins clean, we like to go on holiday to recharge out batteries (who doesn’t?). We had a couple of trips planned, some time in the sun, a city break, but they were not to be, and of course we’ve survived that because it’s minor, but we still missed our little bit of relaxation. It’s just not the same sitting in the garden with a beer!

At the weekend we like to meet up with friends and family and have a few drinks or a meal, and yes, we have been able to do that during some of the year, but not everyone has felt happy to go out and about, to subject themselves to unnecessary risks, and even whilst enjoying our drinks the Spector of Covid is always in the background.

And I suppose we’ve lost some of our spontaneity, to pop into London for a walk around, to visit friends without notice, to treat ourselves to a last-minute weekend away, and even to go to the supermarket without remembering to take a mask and hand sanitizer.

But, despite all this, there have been some positives. We are lucky that our business has not been unduly affected. People still need and want their wheelie bins cleaned, and during this time we have started sanitizing the handles as well as cleaning and deodorizing the bins.

Customers are still pleased to see us and give us a wave from the safety of their front door or window.

We’ve seen lots of examples of people being more neighbourly and checking up on elderly people or those who live alone.

We’ve had time to concentrate more on the day to day running of the business and how we can make it more efficient and easily accessible for our customers.

In the few weeks that we weren’t working, we took long walks, read books that we’d always meant to read and took up a couple of new hobbies.

So, although 2020 won’t go down in history as anyone’s favourite year, we have been lucky to be able to take some positives from it, and we couldn’t do that without all our lovely customers.

We want to say thank you to you all for your continued support and wish you all a very merry Christmas and a safe and much happier new year.

From all at Freshbinz Ltd.

See you in 2021!

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