So here we are in 2021! It must be better than 2020 mustn’t it?

At the end of last year, we wrote about what we had learned in 2020, and what was important to us. So, at the beginning of this new year we’re taking a look at things that are not so important to us, maybe they never were, or maybe living in a pandemic has changed our perception.

1. Being out for most of the weekend. Yes, we often did that because we didn’t feel as if we were truly relaxing, or truly enjoying life unless we were out on Friday night enjoying a meal, on a trip into London on Saturday, probably staying for dinner and or live music. Of course, the fact that we can’t do that anymore isn’t, or wasn’t a choice.
But being forced to stay at home has given us pause for thought. It’s hard work cleaning bins, hard work keeping up with the whereabouts of the refuse collectors, doing accounts, promoting the business.  And we’ve discovered that just sometimes it’s more relaxing to chill at home, order a takeaway, watch Netflix, and just let your mind wander. So, whilst we can’t wait to get out and about again, see friends and family, we may not be doing it every weekend in the future.

2. Going shopping, yes that used to be important. To buy new clothes, technology, food. Who needs new clothes at the moment? Of course, we still need food, but whereas before we liked to go to the supermarket to check out the produce (no supermarket pickers choice for us) now we’re happy for someone else to choose that piece of steak or fillet of fish for us because it means we’re not putting ourselves at risk. If we don’t need to go to the supermarket we won’t be going, and I suspect this will continue even after the pandemic. Somehow, an hour spent in the supermarket, picking, packing, and unpacking just seems like a waste of time.

3. Wanting more, yes that probably seems like an odd one, don’t we all want more? More things, more money, more cars, even more time.  Well, yes, maybe we could still do with more time. But things, as in possessions, just don’t seem quite as important now. We feel happy with what we do have,  a good business cleaning bins for people who appreciate us, a warm comfortable house to come home to after a hard day’s work, food in the fridge (from the delivery man), friends and family and of course our health at this difficult time.

So, if we have a message for 2021, it’s maybe, take time to look at what you have, if you and your friends and family have survived this pandemic, like us you’re lucky, and maybe you too feel that some of the things you thought were important before, turn out not to be quite so important now. On that sober note, we want to wish all our lovely clients a happy and safe 2021 and thank you again for all your support.

Give us a wave if you see us out and about, it makes our day.

From the Freshbinz team.

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