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This month at Freshbinz Ltd we’re having a look at the value of reviews, recommendations and trade associations. No, don’t nod off just yet!

When you’re thinking of using a business do you look at reviews? Is it important if that business belongs to a trade association? If so, does it make you more likely to use that business if they belong to a trusted group of businesses? If you see a couple of negative reviews from present or past customers does that make you think twice about engaging with them?

Firstly, trade associations. The downside of them is that unless you’re in that specific industry you might not even have heard of the associations that your favoured business belongs to, but it doesn’t take much research to find out.

At Freshbinz Ltd we think it’s important for our business for our customers to have some form of comeback should they be unhappy with the service. Obviously, we all hope that never happens and that we always provide you with the cleanest, shiniest wheelie bins you could hope for, but feel that belonging to the National Association of Wheelie Bin Washers and The Federation of Small Businesses gives our customers a feeling of security and sends a message that we are a serious, reliable business.

Reviews, don’t we all look at them these days? The truth is they can make or break a small business. I think that too often we are quick to leave a review if we’ve had a negative experience, and rightly so. But what about the good experiences? It’s easy to think that if you have good service, well that’s just how it should be. But leaving a good review is like leaving a tip only better, because it shows other people that this is a good and trustworthy business, and for us it’s like receiving a lovely little unexpected present to find a good review on Google.

So next time you are happy with a service, whether it’s bin cleaning or anything else, why not make a small business team smile, it costs nothing. We’re certainly going to be writing more reviews because we know how good it feels to be appreciated.

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