How Wheelie bins changed the world … well almost!

In the dim and distant past there was no such things as wheelie bins, no, really! The rubbish receptacles of old were heavy metal containers with a handle on each side which the poor refuse collectors had to grab with both hands, hoist up onto their shoulders and then tip the mix of foul-smelling rubbish into the back of the dust cart.

The refuse was a potent mixture of every kind of household rubbish, no one recycled in those days.

Next came the plastic dustbins, one better for the refuse collectors than the heavy metal bins, but they were still having to deal with loose, unsorted garbage of every type you can imagine.

The next move forward was dustbin sacks, great for keeping the refuse enclosed of course, but leave them out ready for collection and every cat and fox in the area would spend the wee small hours clawing through your rubbish for some tasty morsels.

Fill them too full or with anything too heavy and they would of course split, spreading your rubbish around your front garden when the refuse collectors tried to pick them up, urgh!

Then came the wonderful wheelie. All the rubbish enclosed inside, recycling, food and other waste separated into different bins. No more back ache for the refuse collectors, no more spilling of waste. And of course, easy to keep clean, whether you choose to clean them yourself or let us at Freshbinz Ltd give them a good clean and deodorize.

But why has it taken so long for this to become a thing? Historians have discovered in the ruins of Pompeii what they consider to be ‘wooden wheelie bins’, crude wooden carts with wheels which they suspect were used by the residents to collect rubbish in.

It’s only taken since 79 AD for the rest of us to come round to the idea, and we at Freshbinz Ltd are very happy that we eventually got there.

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