Keeping your wheelie bins clean

Firstly, Happy New Year to all our customers, we hope you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a more positive new year after the last two.

For our first blog of 2022, we’re talking about how to keep your wheelie bins clean. This might sound as if we’re shooting ourselves in the foot giving you tips on bin cleaning. But there will always be people who are unable to clean their bins whether because of time constraints, physical constraints, or just a loathing of bin cleaning.

Even if we do clean your bins for you it will be once a fortnight for each bin at the most, and although it seems a long way off summer will eventually arrive, and in hot weather, it doesn’t take long for a bin to whiff a bit.

Of course, there are a few obvious things that you can do:

  1. Don’t put waste food in your wheelie bin unless you must, and if you do then make sure it’s well wrapped.
  2. Keep the lid shut.
  3. Don’t pile the rubbish up high.
  4. Keep it out of the sun if possible.

All good advice we feel. But it’s not just general waste bins that are prone to a bit of a pong, what about your recycling bin? If you throw recyclable packaging in the bin make sure it’s clean, leaving remnants of food on meat/fish trays, card, or any other recyclable packaging can cause your wheelie bin to smell.

Then there’s your garden waste bin if you have one. Garden waste shouldn’t smell but if the weather is hot and it hasn’t been emptied for two weeks it can sometimes happen.

Treat your garden bin like a compost heap, layer the waste to help it break down. For example, grass clippings in the bottom followed by perhaps, hedge cuttings or branch trimmings. Try if possible to coordinate your gardening with bin collection week so that the garden waste doesn’t have to stay in the bin for too long.

If you try to stick to some of these suggestions, hopefully, your bin will get to the next clean without you needing a gas mask to go near. It!

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