Christmas Facts

For our Christmas blog, we thought we’d keep it light-hearted and take a look at some lesser-known and possibly amusing Christmas facts.

  1. Santa’s sleigh would need to travel at 2,340,000 mph if he were to reach every home in the world on Christmas Eve.
  2. £700 Million is spent on unwanted Christmas gifts every year.
  3. 8 million Christmas trees are purchased in the UK every year.
  4. 25 million Christmas puddings are eaten every Christmas.
  5. The height of the tallest ever recorded snowman was almost 34 metres.
  6. Every year 600,000 letters are sent to Santa.
  7. The largest Christmas cracker on record is 14.97 metres.
  8. 10 million turkeys are cooked in the UK on Christmas day.
  9. It would take 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools to hold all the beer drunk in the UK over Christmas.
  10. There were 4 Beatles Christmas number 1’s. The band achieved the top spot in 1963 with     ‘I Want to Hold your Hand’, ‘I Feel Fine’ in 1964,  followed by ‘We Can Work it Out’ in 1965, and ‘Hello Goodbye’ in 1967.

We hope you enjoyed our Christmas ‘facts.’

We would like to say thank you to all our loyal customers who always support us, but particularly this year when it has again been difficult for all of us.

Everyone at the Freshbinz team wishes you a very happy Christmas and a prosperous and safe New Year.


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