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Bins, maybe not the most exciting subject in the world. A necessary evil? Evil or not they are certainly necessary. And it’s easy to forget them, out of sight in the corner of the garden, out of sight on the driveway or disguised by a nice little fence. But hide them or not they are there, and the unpleasant fact is that they harbour germs and bacteria, and they smell.

It’s difficult to write about this subject without sounding alarmist, but the truth is that the bacteria that may be present in your wheelie bins could prove to be a health hazard, particularly as in most areas refuse and food bins are only emptied fortnightly.

A recent study by a microbiologist from the university of Northampton found that the typical family wheelie bin contains over 4 million strains of bacteria. Of course, if this waste stays wrapped in plastic bags tucked away in your wheelie bin it shouldn’t affect you or your family, but unfortunately it can attract vermin and they of course come with another set of problems. Rats in particular, carry unpleasant diseases.

Lastly, there’s the smell. Particularly in summer months when the weather is warmer at just the time that you are more likely to be sitting, and even eating in your garden, do you really want the vexperience spoilt by smelly bins? We suspect not.

Even recycling bins need cleaning from time to time. You might think that packaging and empty cans and bottles have very little in the way of bacteria, and of course compared to refuse bins you would be right.

But even used packaging, the recyclable tray that held the chicken legs, the can that held the salmon and the jar that held the pate will all have traces of their contents left behind. So, although there will never be the same level of bacteria in your recycling, it will still be there.

Of course, there is nothing to stop you cleaning the bins yourself as no doubt thousands of people do. But without the right equipment it can be difficult, time consuming, ineffective and let’s face it, just unpleasant.

At Freshbinz Limited, we have the equipment and machinery to do the job quickly and efficiently, and in case like us you’re concerned about the environment, we use only biodegradable products and all the water we use is recycled.

So next time you have your head in a smelly bin trying to reach that little particle of rubbish stuck to the bottom, think about Freshbinz Limited, and maybe book a clean.

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