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Although we love our job, we are aware that whilst wheelie bin cleaning is a very important matter, as a subject it may not hold everyone’s interest. So, this month on the blog we’ve been looking at the possibly more interesting side of wheelie bins (yes there is one) and the weird and wonderful things that some innovative people have managed to do with them.

Firstly, and probably the strangest is speed, yes you read that correctly. Andy Jennings a 28 year old British man holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest wheelie bin. He reached a top speed of  more than 43 mph in a motorised wheelie bin.

If you don’t believe us you can check it out here:  #ad Fastest wheelie bin 🚮⏱️ 72.568 km/h (45.092 mph) by Andy Jennings 🇬🇧 #AnkerSpeedChallenge with – YouTube

Although we applaud Andy’s spirit we wouldn’t suggest trying this at home!

Less exciting but useful, if your wheelie bin has lost a wheel or two and has seen better days it makes an excellent compost bin. You just need to drill a few holes for ventilation, and you can start filling your bin with scraps ready to create great garden compost.

Also on the gardening theme, old wheelie bins are popular on allotments because apart from using them for compost they make great water butts with just a few adjustments.

Then there’s a wheelie bin as a bathtub! Really? I hear you thinking, but apparently, the Scottish Rugby team fill (clean) wheelie bins with iced water and jump in for ice baths. Another one you may not want to try, but interesting, nonetheless.

With the great weather we’ve been having, how about a beer bin in your garden? Take a new clean wheelie bin, drill a hole for the pipe, but a beer barrel inside, then all you need is to add a tap and you have your own beer bin.

This one may not be nice to think about, but some festival organisers buy wheelie bins instead of hiring toilets, bury them in the ground and after use, they are left in place and covered over. After a few years the ahem, ‘waste material’ makes great compost apparently. We knew there was a reason we didn’t like festivals.

So, there you are, we hope you’ll look at your wheelie bin in a whole new light, it turns out that wheelie bins are not just for rubbish after all.

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