Looking after our beautiful planet

This month at Freshbinz Ltd we’ve been giving extra thought to the environment. Of course, it’s something that we always consider when going about our business of cleaning your bins. But the wildfires in Greece, floods in Germany and generally strange and unreliable weather here in the UK made us consider if we could do anything more to help the environment. Are we ecologically friendly enough? Or are there small changes we can make that aren’t a huge inconvenience to our way of life?

We’ve mentioned food waste on the blog previously because it’s something that’s dear to our hearts. So, in the last few weeks we really have made a sustained effort to buy only what we need to eat, and it’s been a revelation. Our shopping bill has gone down, our waistlines have benefited and there’s no more guilt eating because we have things in the fridge that ‘need to be eaten’.

Staying with food, we try not to buy vegetables and fruit that are wrapped in plastic, it’s not desirable and it’s certainly not necessary. We have stopped buying plastic bottles of water and always make sure we have a refillable bottle when we’re out cleaning your bins.

Nature is another area where we can all make a difference. We try to keep our garden chemical free. There are so many other options available. No one wants slugs eating their plants, but a few crushed eggshells around the area will stop them reaching your precious Lupins or Petunias.

And when we’re gardening we always use peat free compost. I think in common with most of us it was only recently that we realised the damage using peat can do to the environment.

A healthy peatland bog can store huge amounts of rainwater which can reduce flooding risk. Bogs are also very valuable in the fight against climate change as they lock up vast amounts of carbon. In fact, they can store more carbon than trees.

Any products that we use to clean your wheelie bins are environmentally friendly, and as we never tire of saying, all the water that we use to clean your bins is recycled.

These are all small measures that make little or no difference to our lives but could make all the difference to our planet.

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