Fresh produce on the road

Isn’t it great when you can buy produce straight from the producer? I don’t know about all of you, but here at Freshbinz Ltd, it makes our day when we come across great produce whilst out cleaning your bins.

A small example, we recently purchased a lovely jar of honey from one of our clients. It’s great to think that local people are still producing their own food even in these days of large supermarkets and imported produce. In 2020 over 94 million pounds worth of honey was imported into the UK and we bought our little jar from just around the corner.

Other things we have purchased whilst out bin cleaning include, eggs, plants, fruit, and veggies, and all without exception have been excellent quality. And as we sit down to eat them we have that little added glow of satisfaction that not only have we bought healthy fresh produce from a small business like ourselves, but the food on our plates has travelled only a few miles in one of our own trucks, has used no carbon, no plastic and no fuel to produce it.

The other thing we’re full of admiration for is people who give away their excess produce by leaving it outside their gardens, either offering it free to anyone who can use it or asking for a small donation of your choice.

While we realise that the UK or any country can’t survive on what they produce alone, we think it’s good to take advantage of these small local producers when you come across them. After all what could be nicer than buying from someone’s garden rather than queuing up at the supermarket?

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