Commercial Bins

This month on the Freshbinz Ltd blog we’re looking at commercial premises.

Some of our domestic customers may not realise that we also clean commercial bins. We clean litter and dog waste bins too, but that’s a whole other story!

Of course, wherever the bin and whatever type you have it’s important that it’s kept clean. Not just in the summer months when bad smells start emanating from your bins, but at all times of year.

Food waste will still break down even in the winter releasing chemicals such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbon causing these unpleasant smells, and of course, during the warmer months, maggots raise their ugly heads. (if indeed they have heads) not sure about that one.

All the above is of course important regarding your domestic bin to keep yourself and your family safe from germs and keep your bin smelling fresh. But what if you own for example a restaurant? Then keeping your bins hygienic and smelling fresh is even more important. No one wants to go to a restaurant to enjoy a good meal only to be confronted with the sight of overloaded bins smelling less than fragrant.

I have spoken to a couple of people who have experienced this lately, and even though their meal was good the sight and smell of the bins that they spotted at the back of the restaurant have made them think twice about visiting that restaurant again.

Apart from customers seeing and smelling unclean bins, there is of course the Food Standards Agency to think about. One of their criteria is the cleanliness of facilities and this includes food disposal. If you have a visit from the Inspector, even if everything on your premises is as required to get a top rating, your bins could still let you down and lower your rating.

We understand that running a busy restaurant, bar or café is hard work and bin cleaning is just one more thing to think about. That’s why at Freshbinz Ltd we offer a one-off clean or a four weekly clean for your bins where we clean, dry and deodorize them.

It’s one less thing for you to think about and you’ll never have to worry about losing business because customers or the health inspector deem your bins to be less than satisfactory.

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