An End to Driving?

Here at Freshbinz Ltd we’re always on the lookout for reliable, hardworking staff.

Cleaning bins may not be everyone’s idea of a career, but we certainly think it has its upsides. We enjoy being out on the road and meeting people, especially on sunny days. The modern equipment and clean recycled water that we use means we don’t have to get down and dirty with the contents of your bin!

We also see parts of the countryside and villages that we might not otherwise see. We often take note of a nice looking pub or a new shop that we might visit later, and as we mentioned in a previous blog, we often buy fresh food such as honey and eggs from local growers, people we wouldn’t know about if we didn’t pass them on our rounds.

Somehow for us there’s more freedom than working in an office, but of course we’re all different and it’s just as well.

What has surprised us in our recent hunt for new people to work at Freshbinz Ltd is how many young people don’t learn to drive these days. We’ve had several good applicants who appeared to be keen to work and had the right attitude, but unfortunately no driving licence, and perhaps more surprisingly no immediate plans to learn.

When we enquired, some cited environmental concerns, other gave the cost of a car followed by tax and insurance as being prohibitive. Car insurance for young people is astronomical it seems.

But of course, to clean bins, especially in the many different areas that Freshbinz covers would be impossible without one of our trusty trucks with its water supply and cleaning supplies.

So, sadly we’ve had to turn down some people who could have been promising employees because of their lack of a driving licence, and it made us wonder if this is the future and will autonomous vehicles be here sooner than we thought?

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