"commercial bins require regular cleaning services in order to avoid them being a health hazard."

FreshBinz: Commercial Bin Cleaning

The commercial bin cleaning service is available to restaurants, pubs, supermarkets, hospitals, nursing homes, housing associations & local authorities.

Commercial bins attract rats and rodents and are thus a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. By their very nature, they require regular cleaning services in order to avoid them being a health hazard.

We offer this service on site by our trained men and using specialist equipment. The service is self-contained and it does not require any drainage, but leaves your containers as:-

The need for cleaning commercial  wheelie bins cannot be over emphasised. It is important to note that the need for timely bin cleaning has been increased by the introduction of compulsory recycling. The recycling bin produces offensive smells as food is a perfect ground for the multiplication of bacteria. This attracts flies, rodents and slugs.

Our service provides a perfect solution - a monthly bin cleaning service, or as may be required. The chemicals we use are biodegradable and kill 99.9% of bacteria.

The hand operated lance on the washing system removes contaminated debri from the bottom of the bins. Difficult stains are removed manually using a scouring wire which leaves the bin as clean as new.

The service can be available on flexible terms and is therefore tailor-made to suit customer requirements. For customers like supermarkets, the agreement entered will include the cleaning of the store bin.

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